19 2nd Avenue Wabush, Labrador A0R 1B0 Tel.:(709) 282-5626  Fax: (709) 282-5372
Mission Statement

Our Vision

To provide best in class, safe, quick, dependable and reliable response for every job.

To create safe synergistic work teams which increase product diversity, and customer satisfaction.

Our Values

Labrador Rewinding Inc strives to create a solid, respectful and trust working relationships with its Suppliers.

Labrador Rewinding Inc. ensures our customers a reliable, high quality repair service for every piece of equipment.

Labrador Rewinding Inc. has made its utmost commitment to exceed customer expectation.

Labrador Rewinding Inc. will provide every customer with efficient and effective service.

Our Goals

Develop and maintain an “On Time” delivery rate.

Develop and maintain a consistent customer satisfaction level.

Develop and maintain a professional and respectful relationship with every customer.