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Labrador Rewinding supplies and services a broad range of electric motors for different companies such as Teco-Westinghouse, US Motors, Marathon, WEG, Leeson and Baldor.
Since 1908 U.S. Motors name has stood for exceptional reliability and performance of its products. This company manufactures a complete line of general and special purpose industrial motors from 1/4 horsepower through 4000 horsepower for a wide variety of applications. (www.usmotors.com)
Since 1913, Marathon Electric has been dedicated to providing customers with quality products for targeted applications. Located in Wausau, Wisconsin, the company is composed of two strategic product lines: motors and generators. Marathon offers power generation for the 21st century with a wide selection of generators (5 to 3,000 kW) for stand-by and continuous power.  (www.marathonelectric.com)
Success has always been a part of the company's history since September 1961. As Latin America's largest electric motor manufacturer and one of the world's largest, WEG specializes in branches such as command and protection, speed variation, industrial process automation, power generation and distribution and industrial paints and varnishes. Most of its manufacturing facilities are located in the state of Santa Catarina. WEG offers various products and services such as industrial electric motors, single phase electric motors, DC motors and low & high voltage machines. Labrador Rewinding Inc. is a certified repair shop for WEG. (www.weg.net/ca)
Lincoln Motors has been designing and manufacturing high-quality electric motors since 1895. Lincoln Motors designs, manufactures, markets and distributes a full line of industrial AC motors DC Motors and drives, sub-fractional horsepower motors and gear motors and mechanical gear drives. (www.clrwtr.com)
Since 1920 Baldor offers the broadest line of energy-efficient electric motors and adjustable speed drives. These products include AC motors, DC motors, servo motors, grinders/buffers, generators etc.  (www.baldor.com)
With over 100 years of experience in motor design and application, the Company is a premier supplier of AC and DC motors and generators. Ranging from fractional hp ratings to 100,000 hp, these high-quality machines are used to drive pumps, fans, compressors, rolling mills, grinders, crushers, and a variety of other rugged applications. Our motors and generators are utilized in petroleum, chemical, pulp, paper, mining, marine propulsion, steel, electric utility and other industries throughout the world. (www.tecowestinghouse.com)

Labrador Rewinding Inc. is Teco-Westinghouse's certified repair shop as well as the only distributor in all of Labrador West.