19 2nd Avenue Wabush, Labrador A0R 1B0 Tel.:(709) 282-5626  Fax: (709) 282-5372
About Us
Following the acquisition of the Westinghouse Company’s assets in 1994, Labrador Rewinding Inc. started its operations and specialized in the repair of electrical motors. Over the past 17 years our shop has been upgrading and investing in it's facility and employees with a continued focus on quality and customer service. Labrador Rewinding has added an external on-site verification service, secured supplier accounts for sales of electrical motors and electromechanical components including the repair of mechanical pumps and pumping systems.

Labrador Rewinding Inc. specializes in rebuilding motors with a facility and expertise available to offer many other quality and efficient services to our customers. Located in Wabush, Labrador in the heart of North Americas Iron Ore Mining industry we have been proudly supporting North Americas largest Iron Ore Mines for 17 years. Specializing in electric motor supply and repair our company also offers a wide range of services and products in the field of electric motor repair, such as service calls, rebuilds & repair, calibration as well as the sale of new motors, generators, welders, transformers and submersible pumps renting of electrical motors, pumps, wheel motors, transformers and all types of gear boxes, pulley systems, machining, welding, and rewinding. We also offer cleaning, transportation and storage.

Extension of the shop

During the summer of 2004, Labrador Rewinding Inc. chose to renew it's commitment to the Labrador region and its customers. We decided it was nessary to expand our current operation operation to effectively and efficiently respond to the ongoing influx of our customer’s requirements. Our current location was expanded and the shop area was enlarged by another 50ft by 80ft to serve as a storage area, machinist shop, and mechanic area, our test panel, one milling machine, a lathe, a balance machine, and a new pressurized submersible tank suitable for larger motors. In addition a 10-ton overhead crane was also installed providing us with the ability to work with much larger equipment.

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